Striving to provide physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual support to individuals with special needs

who is lighthouse

The Glennwood Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving the young adult special needs population. Lighthouse is the face of the organization that meets weekly with young adults. The leadership of Lighthouse is a Director(s) who works with a Board of Directors. In addition, it includes a group of volunteers from the area who aim to facilitate community, establish relationships, and encourage personal growth within the special needs population.

How We Started

Lighthouse was started 14 years ago by a group of parents in South Orange County. They realized that once their special needs children aged out of formal school systems and youth groups, they were left without a community to belong to and participate in. Lighthouse OC was created to meet those needs and has been operating ever since, serving 40-60 participants on a weekly basis. Recognizing that same need in the Inland Empire, Lighthouse IE began in the spring of 2016 as a sister branch to continue the mission of the Glennwood Foundation. It has quickly become a place where participants can connect with others in a safe environment and thrive in interpersonal relationships, as well as their relationships with God.

meet the directors

stephen and lauren co-direct the lighthouse group. they have been leading lighthouse in south orange county for the past three years and lighthouse IE since its beginning on Spring 2016. currently living in redlands, they have spread the LIGHTHOUSE model out there, where they continue to develop and create a stable place for lighthouse in the inland empire. stephen and lauren both grew up with a passion for those with special needs as they each have family members with disabilities. one thing stephen loves about lighthouse is the connections he can make with participants each and every week. lauren gets a kick out of seeing huge smiles during silly games and hearing participant's hearts during times of discussion. 

kathleen BRUTTOMESSE - board chairperson